Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Transformation from Student to Teacher :: Education Teaching Classroom Teachers Essays

The Transformation from Student to Teacher Is there a transformation from student to teacher? The nature of a student is learning to develop skills to help them with there everyday problems. Later on in their schooling they will start to develop more advanced skills. Skills which will be used to help other students perform tasks to help the community, such as building bridges, teaching, networking an office building, and so on. After you have mastered a major role in society and can perform its task flawlessly you begin to teach others the same knowledge which you have acquired. One reason is because you have performed in that duty long enough to teach others how to do it properly and the precise ways, but at the same time you are still a student. Mainly because the world today has increased its standards, and increased the safety laws. During your term of teaching, your methods are becoming extinct and you are forced to increase your knowledge of newer ways and safer ways so your students will have the newest and most up to date knowledge of the subject. Some of the greatest are also the greatest students. My science teacher throughout high school was one of my favorite teachers. She knew how to bring her knowledge to life. Throughout high school I always chose one of her science classes. She had been teaching for at least fifteen years before I was ever a student of hers, and she was still a student in college. She was working on her doctrine in Physics. She was a very smart teacher and she played a big role in myself wanting to be a teacher. If it was not for education the world would be out of order and unorganized, which makes it difficult for everyone. If it were not for teachers being able to overcome the obstacles and having the nature of helping others, the world would be over run with ignorance and total chaos. As a teacher I would use a number of different philosophies if the classroom.

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