Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Software localisation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Software localisation - Essay Example Localization contributes to the creation of the MacWorld Localization has contributed to Mac OS X by supporting seven languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. Later releases have included functionality for more languages and Mac OS X v10.2 comes with full Unicode support and supports non-Roman alphabets (like Arabic, Thai and Hebrew) via improved input and a new Unicode Character Palette. Localization has allowed a single binary to support multiple languages and regional dialects. It also provides a mechanism to allow developers to dynamically add resources for new languages or regions. (MacOx) Q.1 (c) Localization promotes a homogenisation of culture through the use of global symbolism Localization results in the understanding of not only specific local markets, but the understanding of actual content surrounding a given culture promoting symbolism on a global context. The best example is that of â€Å"graphical globalization†, where â€Å"any graphics appearing in the project material must be adapted to conform to standards in the target culture and language. All words in graphic files must be translated. The same goes for all cultural symbols (flags, clothes, etc.). This typically involves replacing the existing graphics with new ones, e.g. when the "symbols" sent for translation represent people of different skin color from the target region, flags of a given country, characteristic road signs, or even vegetation characteristic for the climate prevailing in a given country, all of these have to be adapted to fit the target culture". (2006b) Q.1 (d) Localization increases the digital divide Since there is a need for the digital content, browsers and other software tools to be available in the person's own language, therefore localization is rapidly increasing the division of digital content, while making the digital content user friendly for the users. (2006c) Q.2 (a) Beta Testing: A second stage test for a new software product prior to its commercial release. Just after its release it is send to different beta test sites in order to receive feedback about the product, and if it serves as error free, it is commercially released for sale. Q.2 (b) Case Folding: It is a Unicode casing file system in Windows environment. Q.2 (c) Enabling: To activate any service (software or hardware) or device driver. Q.2 (d) NLS API: NLS API stands for "National Language Support, Application Programming Interface" are interfaces that are used to manipulate the translatable text within dialog boxes. (2006d) Q.2 (e) Spacing Character: Used for indentation. Q.3 (a) Translator or Assistance Tools: Tools that translate instruction from one language into another language. While running or executing program assistance tools translate bite code into machine code. Example In Java language the instructions are translated into bite code language. Q.3 (b) Supported Files: A program when executes requires a lot or resources, which are provided by the supported files. Example: In 3D Graphics cards, enhanced graphics can be seen while viewing a program while in case of simple VGA card supported files are used to view the same program. Q.3 (c) Software Leveraging: Free or open source software program available throughout the

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