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Swagata The Marketplace

Question: Explain the marketplace "Swagata". Answer: Swagata is an online marketplace for clothing for women, men and kids. It can be one of the leading e-commerce platforms of Australia for products in fashion. Headquarter in Sydney, Australia; other than me the company other two most experienced founder Emily Smith and Sophie Williams. The company focuses on retailing of products in apparel. We planned to extend its growth with the retailing of popular fashion and lifestyle brands of the country. It offers 500 fashion brands with Adidas, Nike, Lee, Puma, and Arrow, US Polo etc in the online market. Swagata has more than 1,000 employees and has estimated revenue of $200,000. We acquired exclusive fashion in online through the inclusion of designer apparels. We also includes a virtual fitting room for the customers and Native5 a cloud hosed application of mobile platform which enables to build and to deploy mobile, tablets and desktop applications (Yu et al. 2016)..The corporation has some segments: Australia, worldwide and Swagata Web Services. Though, main focus is on local market. Swagatas, Australia segment focus on retail sales and the subscriptions, the Australia segment deals with, and Our companys section on international trade sales focus on customer products which includes sellers as well as subscriptions through the international websites such as,,, and Though, we have planned to enter in the international market but with small quantity. The company makes the clients to contact the website openly and through mobile websites and its application. The company includes Swagata Prime which offers a yearly relationship program to a wide range of products. Swagata offers wide range programs so that sellers are enabling to put up for sale their goods and complete the orders all the way through Websites as well as sellers websites (Huseynov and Y ld 2014). Mission Our mission is to provide customers with style and elegant design that would energize for any activity in outdoor. Swagata has comfortable and durable clothing which is suitable to wear on snowboarding, drifting down in a river or running in beach (Fusion-io Accelerates China's Online Shopping Leader 2013).Our mission is to provide a global marketplace in online where anyone can trade in fashion that enables the economic opportunity of the world (Couzin et al. 2014). 3. Products and Service offeringSwagata produce wide range of products of women, men and kids through online. We offer cloth of almost every type. Our main focus is on seasonal clothing of customers which includes the following (Kamal Hayder Kazmi 2015). Fleece outwear Rain gear, coated nylon and waterproof breathable Synthetic Cloth for activities of outdoor Hats Shorts Pants Shirts4. Market analysis summaryThe clothing industry is growing rapidly in all over the world. The increase number of online shopping site s has also increased because of the growing number of use in internet. But, there are no companies in Australia who are exclusively selling their designers and branded products through online. The reasons which support the statement are huge but the most important is that it provides new and branded products. We emerge as new platform for the online products in the market. Swagata ensures to provide customers with the use of their technology expertise. It is considered in the online marketplace as the lowest cost in customer centric (Mosteller et al. 2014). 4.1. Industry analysisThe online retail growth of the country is growing in an unprecedented rate. The rise of internet business and availability of broadband enables the growth of tablets and Smartphone. It enables people to buy product from online. The major reason for the online buying is because of the ways like cash-on-delivery facility and the offers and discounts available through online. The growth of online products for women and kids enables the power of shopping more to customers. The given study analyzed that the major reason for online shopping is for the preferences of purchase and spend the patters under brands of different price (Nag et al. 2014). Competition Our aggressive edge is to center the main on development than on the products. The website of Swagata is endpoint of our complete selling program to impel customers attention in company. Though the quality and attractiveness of our products and service are different and innovative from other online fashion stores and Swagata knows website building is the most important job (Mabry 2012). Emily Smiths experience of 14 years with Amazon is the key essential for the success of Swagatas website. Amazons website is the most attractive and accessible website in the fashion industry. Her experience can be considered as invaluable in predicting the customers satisfaction in clothing industry (competitive advantage 2016). Our plan is to introduce a new measurement in clothing industry which will reduce the confusion of the customers and the fittings. It will, in return would increase customer satisfaction and will reduce the returns (Brem et al. 2016). Swagatas agreement with Woolworth would g ive him the strong competitive advantage over others. The design team would work with the manufacturing of in-house clothing products of Woolworth. Woolworth would produce them sufficient product which would help to meet the demand which was planned. It would enable to keep low for the production cost and enable Swagata to grow further (Kumar and Pansari 2015). Primary Target Market Swagata focus two distinct groups of people of online purchaser People with age group of 17-29: Youth are the one who derives the market and it is an important group who can be attracted through the website. The age group mentioned has less amount of money than other age groups. This group prefers to have clothes with variety of design and in affordable price. The main concern of our group is to get well defined design for them. The company provides products according to their needs. Swagata enabled a logo which is attractive so that it can attract the customers widely. We provide clothing of variety brands with seasonal offers and discounts so that the customer of this group gets attracted. The group is one which is the most influential group. It helps to influence other groups of same age. They prefer variety of design than quality. Swagata cater the needs of them through emerging with products according to their choice (Al-Debei et al. 2015). People with the age group of 30-50: Th e people of this group are the core group for the success of Swagata. Though, the group is harder to pull into the attractiveness of the website. The key findings of this group are quality along with attractiveness and website. The main concern of this group is to get quality product. This group has a good purchasing power. The group wants to assure that they get products which deliver the way the customers wants to. They give preference over quality and comfort more than any other thing. The group also wants to have product which is hassle-free and as well as speedy (Yeoh et al. 2014). Marketing Swagata makes a simple marketing strategy for its products. We advertize our shopping sites in various Australian Fashion and beauty magazines like iSUBSCRiBE, Cream magazine, Follow magazine, Oyster, Vogue and Russh (Pike and Page 2014). In the initial stage we planned to offer a discount of 10% on all branded products under $ 100 and along with that 15% discount for products over $100. The company also planned to make the same strategy at the time when seasonal clothing will be introduced (Longfield, et al. 2016). Product Swagata offers a wide rage range of products from age group of new born till 70. It enables to product looking on two segments i.e. on quality and designs. We tie up with various brands like Nike, Adidas, US Polo, Lee, Levis etc. Along with that it got tie up with some popular retailers like Woolworth and Myers. Products of such retailers can be found on Swagata. Swagata also contributes its major attention in designer forum. Consumers can get variety of fashion designers products like style stars, Tsubi, Sass and Bride (Tontin 2016). Pricing Swagata has the most convenient strategy for all age groups. Swagata made the pricing strategy keeping in mind of various target market of there. We have customers who want quality and other wants design and there is another type who wants both. The pricing strategy has made according to the, People who consider both designs and quality pricing strategy has made as their products are much costlier than other two groups. Swagata made a strategy on price so that it cater the needs all groups. We have high priced products of international brands and along with that with the top designers. Secondly, they produce products of local brands and of Local designers where the products are much lesser in price. It helps to boost the pricing strategy Swagata also produces discounts and offers according to season. Distribution Swagata made the distribution channel according to the 4Ps i.e. product, price, place and promotion. The major function of our company includes four functions. Order processing, warehousing, inventory management and transportation. These are the four channels through which the functioning of Swagata occurs. Swagatas product comes from the wholesaler and the retailers to the company then it goes to the customers. Large quantity of small products and packages are involved in their merchandising. Variety of delivery options is available. The other distribution channel is the product coming from supplier to Swagata and then finally reaching to customers. We also enables drop-shipping channel which enables the product to come from distributer or manufacturer to Swagata and then to customers (Kumar and Pansari 2015). 6.4 PromotionSwagata appears to adopt many promotional activities. The promotional activities help the company to boost it sales. Our company is new in the market so it needs to adopt promotional activities to customers get knowledge about the product. Many promotional activities are involved into the Swagata. Swagata enables to adopt promotion through online as well as through office. The main target customers belong to two groups as been discussed. In one group the customers are mostly teenagers or students. They are mostly familiar with the social networking sites. So, we give most of its attention for selling of the product through giving promotions in Facebook, Twitter. Swagata also organizes many fashion shows in colleges so that students could get more knowledge about its product. Moreover it also enables to provide gift voucher of the winner of fashion show. The second group as mentioned is mostly of middle age groups. Keeping those customers in mind Swagata enables to promote their online site in various fashion and sports magazines. We also gives a wide amount of promotion through TV channels. They target the serials with high TRP and along wit h that various sports channels. Recently, we planned to include awards and appreciations along with sponsorship into various conferences targeting different offices of Australia (Ahmed and Akhlaq 2015). Financial plan Reference Ahmed, E. 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